Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pro Scientific Nutrition - the introduction

Our aim at Pro Scientific Nutrition PSN

Our aim at PSN in the first instance is to break into the current market providing products of the highest quality on the back of a quality service. We aim to assist our customer’s needs in weight management whilst also focussing on the needs of lean athlete. In time we will be offering diet planning and a larger product range following our customer requirements.

A little about us

As directors of Pro Scientific Nutrition (PSN) we come with a great depth of knowledge and experience and a lifelong friendship. I have from an early age been a keen sportsman. Now in my mature years as we all do, I have now started to slow down. At 19 years of age I competed at the highest level as a Biathlete (Skiing and Shooting) and continue to compete as a Triathlete. I have served with the UK’s Elite Forces and currently whilst service as a Fire Fighter I hold the role of Physical Training Instructor within the Fire and Rescue Service. My business partner has held many titles at both British and World Bodybuilding, including Mr Universe and has successfully trained and produced both training schedules and diet planning for some of Britain’s brightest and successful sportsman this country has produced.   

At PSN we use our experience to create a means of supplementing diets to assist in both weight management and/or taking the next step to physical achievement.

Our supplements are created by a UK supplier of the highest quality, built over 26 years’ experience and accredited by BRC, UKAS and GMP to name a few.

Our products can be purchased at:

Our website www.proscientificnutrition offers:

A method of easy and convenient ordering our products on-line
Factual guidance to support our range of supplements so that the customer fully understands the product and who it’s intended for.

Factual guidance and tips to support weight management.

“Our success” will include our athletes and success stories as they’re made.

Not only can you buy our products as a single item but also as bundles. The bundles have been designed as a result of customer need and to include savings on our product buying.
Finally - Please contact us
We have included a “contact” page, please feel free to let us know your thoughts about our products at PSN and please let us know where you think we could improve not only in the service we provide but also the information we deliver and the product line we offer.